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What We Do


Marketing Video Kenneth Berger / Attorney at Law

Testimonials Marketing Video/ For Marketing Purposes

Law FirmsTelevision / James Roane

High Impact Marketing Motorcycle Accident / Roane Law

Settlement Documentaries ACR Video Productions Presents / Devin

Partner Profiles J. Andrew Delaney / Williams & Williams

Who We Are


Our company is comprised of former State Troopers, civil ligation investigators, and film producers. Our videos are basically investigative story telling. It's kind of "we have been there." Meaning not only have we investigated cases, we know the look in the eyes of those that have experienced the loss of a loved one in the middle of the night and the impact of my mere presence in a State Trooper Uniform has had on them.

That in itself, is a look one never forgets. That is important, because we look into the lives of these people and all of those that surround them. Let's face it, there is a huge loss to many, not just one or two.

What this approach does is elevate the damages by showing the WHOLE story. We work throughout the country and have NEVER had a case that we worked on go to court. This is due to the fact that we combine our efforts with the efforts of great attorneys that do a great job.

Just as every movie has a story, every case has a story. The best story wins at the box office, as well as the jury box. Below are some links to litigation videos that we have obtained permission to show as well as some references. Thanks so much for your time. We Tell the Story.

What We Do


We are often asked are these "day in the life" videos?". The answer to that is no. Our videos do have a day in the life component. The difference is they are designed to elevate the damages by showing the impact that the negligence of someone else has on everyone that surrounds the client.

We show that not only has one person's life has changed, but many others as well. These are stories about all of people's lives, and they need to be told. Learn more about our Day In The Life Videos.

Firm Marketing Videos High Quality Visualization

Anyone can produce videos with a bunch of glamorous shots and slow-motion moves, but what do those videos truly say about your firm? Will this type of video truly bring you more business? Your firm's marketing video should say who you are and the potential client should become engaged in your delivery of this.Because of our investigative backgrounds we strive to extract the information about what are the core values and beliefs of you and your firm and deliver this information in a way that the viewer trusts you and your firm. Most importantly, they like you and entrust you with handling one of the most impactful things that has ever happened to them in their lives.

Partner Profiles Attorney Biographies / Research Experts

When people call a law firm they want to speak to the person with their name on the door, we all know that this usually this is not going to happen. We have created what we like to call "Partner Profiles". These videos are designed to highlight each partner or associate in your firm. The way things are with most firm's sites is that you see a picture of a lawyer and you end up reading an endless biography.

We eliminate this with a short interview with them telling who they are and why they are part of the firm they are with. It allows the potential client to have choice in who they would like to partner with.

Case Specific Videos Social Media Targeting

Many times when people are in a situation that has affected them many times in a tragic way, they want answers. Usually the first thing they do is turn to the internet and type in a question such as "I have just been in an accident what do I do?" They want their information fast and direct.

So, we have created videos that answer these questions straight from you. These videos are closed captioned as well, so that Google recognizes them and takes the person directly to your site. These videos would fall under the practice areas category on your site.

Firm TV Marketing Accident / Injuries

If you ask yourself "how do law firms get people to remember them?" The answer to this is that they show a TV commercial over, over, and over so that it becomes ingrained in a person's mind. The problem with this strategy for a law firm is that it costs, and it costs a lot. .

Our answer to this is to create a commercial that that they will never forget. They are commercials about you and who are you. We want people to see your commercial and say, "hey I like them". Therefore, they remember you and think of your you when they need a lawyer.

High-Impact TV MarketingCommercials / Videography

Often times we get requests from clients that want a video or commercial that is just "in your face" real life. Some of these aren't for every client, but some clients they are perfect for. We ask our clients when it comes to marketing and advertising, where can you find the best topics and storylines?

They are in your files; this is what sets you apart from all other firms because they are real life events that come from your firm and we show how you have proven yourself in the exact situation that they may have been in.

High Profile Projects Axalta / Car Reveal

As everyone knows social media is today's world ruler. It is the lives of all on display. When it comes to needing help, people turn to social media first, before anything else. We produce videos for your social media presence, then utilize our SEO services to specifically target the markets that you are after.

They are effective but most importantly they are present and memorable. These are videos that people share with each other further furthermore broadening your target markets.

Client Testimonials ACR Video Productions / Marketing

Our clients trust that we will produce a visual product that gets the most impact possible from their story. It is important to us that the subjects of our videos are shown in the best light possible. In the case of settlement documentaries, we don’t exploit victims when we are telling their story. .

We treat them as people who have been impacted by an event that was out of their control. We need the audience, whomever that may be, to see them as we do, an underdog that needs to be treated with respect.

Client Testimonials ACR Video Productions / Marketing

When it comes to marketing videos, our goal is to let the viewer know more about the subject. Not in a superficial way, but to get to know the person being interviewed on a deeper level..

The viewer needs to connect with the person being interviewed and like and trust them. We do things differently and it shows in the results that our clients are getting.


Our Book Box Office Verdict

Use Hollywood's 7-figure framework to win larger settlements.

Personal injury attorneys have an obligation to get the best settlement for their client. Unfortunately, many attorneys settle for far less than they deserve and leave money on the table. The problem is that when you approach and build a case the way it was done a few years ago, you are not communicating in the language of your audience.

What we can offer you


Why Hire Us

ACR Video Productions separates ourselves by telling YOUR story in a REAL way that brings AUTHENTICITY while maintaining YOUR personal narrative.

How We Do It

We use INVESTIGATIVE storytelling, finding the valuable aspects of YOUR storyline and delivering it to the audience cinematically, stimulating their emotions in a unique way.

Why we Do It

We realized that there was a gap in the industry, a void that needed to be filled. We embraced the opportunity to tell YOUR story using methods yet developed. We cultivate YOUR storyline with the same PASSION and PERSPECTIVE that you experienced.

The Results

Our PRODUCTIONS and DELIVERABLES are always PERFORMANCE BASED, adding value to every project while providing CLOSURE to those individuals that we are illustrating. OUR CLIENTS have described increased profits in amounts exceeding $500,000, incrementally surpassing all expectations.

Our Professional Community


Jay's combined experience in television and litigation make him uniquely qualified to help my clients.

Brady Thomas

I highly recommend Jay Russell. Jay and his team have been litigation consultants and have handled video production for my firm.

J. Christopher Pracht

I strongly believe that Jay's videography increased the value of a recent case by no less than a half-million dollars.

Kenneth Berger
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