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We are living in the world containing millions of people inside. In daily life people interact with each other in manner weather good or bad. Well, life is surrounded by many tragedies and misshapes. Human being faces many problems and difficult time in life from the very starting of his life as he opens his eyes for the first time as a baby in this world until his death.

What happens when people get in trouble or danger? Where they should go to ask for justice? In every country or state there exists the law.

What Is Law?

Laws are basically rules defining the correct behavior, actions or procedure. A law enforcing institute applies penalties to enforce laws in the particular area. What is the law for?  When many people live or work at the same place then there is the possibility of crime occurrence. To prevent and save people from the crimes the laws are made. Who prevents the people from the illegal activities? The law firms are made to impose law.

People in daily life leave their houses to earn their livelihood. Many people run business firms or companies with partnership with other companies. In partnership companies have some restrictions from both sides and both of them are restricted to follow the restrictions.   

law firm branding

What is a law firm?

A Law firm can be defined as a business. The firm law business is formed by multiple lawyers who are engaged in the practices of law. The basic purpose of the law firm is to provide knowledge of the one’s rights and provide legal advices and other assistant to the members who seek for.

What if any of the company unfollows the restrictions or break rules? Where they should go when the found trouble in their business partnership or company? Should they go to the law firm? What is the purpose of a law firm? What is a law firm?

Yes, people should go to the law firm to know about their rights and seek legal advice. Law firms are made to make people realize about their legal responsibilities and rights. Legal firms help the people who seek for the legal advice or any other assistant. 

Let’s talk about USA, a country of fifty (50) states, having 47,000 law firms all of them are very competitive and thriving. United State has a large legal industry. 

Here is point to think about, if people want to choose a law firm why they will choose your firm? What makes your firm to stand out of the crowd? How they will get to know about your firm?

The solution to make your brand to stand out of the crowd is branding. What is a brand? Brand is the way to stand out in the market of law practices. Brand is the combination/fusion of trust, design, value, identity, advertisement and marketing strategies. What is branding? By means of distinctive design, advertising and attractive slogan the promotion of particular company is called branding.  If the term “Branding” made your brow furrowed then you must be missing the opportunity to boost your law firm to stand out in the market place.

law firm branding

What is law firm branding?

Law firm branding is a kind of marketing effort to make your brand stand out of the crowd and law firm branding defines the image of your law firm and you get a chance to raise the profile of your brand.

Why you need law firm branding?

By doing law firm branding of your law firm you create the emotional connection of your firm with the customers that will cause an increase in the marketing of law firms. As the marketing runs on emotions the emotional connection of the firm and customer leads your marketing in law firm branding.

law firm marketing

As the world evolves, the market and the branding evolve too. To create a good reputation of your brand in the market you need proper branding and then rebranding time to time as the customer expect better and better with time.

Law firm branding Branding should be new or unique. Legal branding if done traditionally will not attract the customers nor gain attention too. By this kind of branding you cannot differentiate yourself from the other firms.You can search affiliate blogs that gives a huge potential which may increase the monthly revenue.You can search rai faheem in google to see the text.

law firm branding

What are the important key factors of brand?

The purpose of brand of a law firm is to make your firm cohesive and coherent.

A brand should be

  • Authentic
  • Authoritative
  • Consistent
  • Unique

Description of important key factors of brand


Authentic means to be trusted and faithful. Authenticity is the important factors for the brand because people only choose the brand that the find to be faithful towards the customers. Brand authenticity helps to increase the effort of emotional marketing in a law firm brand.


Authoritative means the degree of trust the brand has earned among its clients and the brand is popular among the people. An authoritative brand should have the social media engagements, active online presence and the attracting and compelling content. These factors increase and influence the brand’s authority.


Consistency in brand makes the recognition of brand easier for the clients. The firm or company should stick to the consistent visual content e.g. brand’s logo, photo, theme and quality. In the marketing of law firms consistency will play a vital role for the firm to be recognized quickly.


Marketing in the law firm requires unique content. Depending on the law firm branding strategy the brand’s visual content symbols, logo, slogan, photo, mission statement, sign, and design etc. should be unique having no resemblance with other brands visual content.

Key elements of law firm branding

Do you want your brand to get more clients, uniqueness, sales and popularity then the law firm branding elements is the must to achieve factors. The branding is consists of following element.

  • Brand visuals
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Story
  • Brand value
  • Brand slogan
  • Brand strategy

Brand visuals

Brands visuals are the visual identity of the brand that makes it easier for people to recognize the brand easily. Visual elements of brand such as color, shape and form encapsulate the brand’s symbolic meaning or mission statement and convey them to the people in targeted area or region.     

Brand Equity

Brand equity is the value of brand from the public side. Brand equity involves the trust, value and loyalty of customers or clients for the brand.

Brand Story

Brand story is the fusion of cohesive story of brand’s creation, facts, and emotions. The brands story inspires the emotions of the clients and customer to itself by advertising.  

Brand value

The financial significance that brand caries is due to its value and importance in the customer’s eyes. The brand’s value and equity together show the worth of the brand.

Brand slogan

A feeling or message of the brand that represents it in the market and emotionally gains people’s trust is brand’s slogan. The purpose of the slogan is to make the brand stick in the mind of the customers. People remember the brand by its slogan most of time. The slogan creates the strong bond between the people and the brand.

Example: Burr & Forman: “Results Matter”

A law firm can have a slogan such as “Know your rights”.  

law firm branding

Brand Positioning

Before getting stated with the brand strategy a law firm should choose the place/position of law firm brand in the market. The brand positioning should be done before getting carried away with colors, fonts or symbols.

When you want to build a house for you which thing you see first? How much area the house should cover? The same way when you are going to initiate the law firm branding you should see that which area of law your law firm will cover or practice.

Decide which areas do your law firm covers:

Many of the societies does not allow the lawyers to call their self an expert because law firm covers some specific area of law and many firms have specialization in certain area of law.

Why a law firm chooses a certain area of law? Because choosing the area of law makes it easier for the firm to provide quality in a specific areas rather than covering all areas which can cause trouble for the firm and its clients too.

Core Messaging of the law firm branding:

What is the core message of the brand? Why is it important? After defining the area of law and factors differentiating your law from the other law firms the next step to firm’s branding is choosing the core message of the law firm branding that will pull the customer to itself by attaching them emotionally with the brand. The core messaging should support the firm brand’s positioning and differentiators.

Colors and sounds speak for the brand. How can your brand message be delivered to the market? The brand message could be delivered to the clients in the verbal and visual form known as the brand’s voice.

What is the brand’s voice? The brand’s voice can be in oral, written or verbal form. Let spouse your brand as a person having some characteristic and personality traits that speaks to your firm and client, but what would it speak to your firm and clients? What ethic or attribute will it have? Will it be to provide fairness or justice, will it be compassionate or aggressive? The brand’s voice helps in construction of brand’s core message. It will make easier for the people to recognize your firm.

Visual Form:

What does the visual mean? This is something that is visible and can be seen in the form of graphics. In visual form the voice can be represented in the commercials, YouTube ads, banners, images and it also includes the newsletter and email marketing.

Verbal Form:

Verbal means oral form. In this form of marketing in a law firm branding runs the marketing campaigns and advertisement in the form that can be heard only. The source can be radio which will transmit your brand’s voice to the market.   

Written Form:

 Brand’s voice could also be in text form such as your firm shows up in the Google Search Result your voice will be represented through the text or rarely the images are shown in the result. Brand’s voice should be consistent when people search on Google for your brand.

Designing your law firm branding brand Logo:

The compilation of the Law Firm’s Brand should begin after getting the clear idea of brand’s positioning, differentiator, voice and core messages. While choosing logo, take care of its attributes that it should carry the message of your Law Firm’s Brand.

Choose a slogan:

Do you want to make your firm stick in the minds of client and market? Do you want to attach them with your firm emotionally? Well choosing slogan for your law firm brand is optional. The slogan is the mission statement of the firm that conveys its message in the mind of its clients.

Lawyer branding:

The profession “lawyer” has always been critical when it comes to the lawyer branding as standard in marketing a lawyer. When branding the law firm the branding of lawyer is also essential. Because before choosing the lawyer client have so many questions like “why they should hire your lawyer?”, “why they should choose your firm?” or “what you do” etc. firm marketing should also concentrate on the marketing of lawyers.

Marketing a lawyer has much broader scope. People hire the lawyers for various and variety of reasons.   

law firm branding

Law Firm Branding Strategy

Why we need a strategy for branding? Specific and unique strategy will lead brand to make loyal clients, brand recognition and more sales.

What is a law firm branding strategy?

The brand strategy helps the brand to achieve its specific mission or goal. It is basically a long term plan which takes a lot of effort or hard work to be accomplished in the competitive environment. Brand strategy must be connected to the customer’s emotions, needs, and expectations.

The major brand strategy decision:

  • Choosing law firm branding name

Choosing the brand’s name includes the selection of the name that suits your brand’s services and easy to remember.

  • Brand positioning

Brand positioning includes the flaw firm brand attributes, benefits, belief and values.

  • Brand development

Build the brand, its extensions and new brands.

  • Brand sponsorship

Brand sponsorship process includes the co-brands, licensing and private brands.

The branding strategy includes five primary activities:

  • Assess the internal perceptions of brand based on the law firm brand’s characteristics.
  • Assess the external perceptions of brand based on the law firm brand’s characteristics and its expectations.
  • Know your competitors.
  • Choose the target market.
  • Choose the target clients.
  • Build a strong brand, choose eye cheering slogan and choose a logo that depicts your brand’s nature.
  • Keep the check and balance of product’s quality.
  • Be responsive with your customers.

Do you want to make your law firm stand out? Have you established a strong law firm branding positioning strategy? What are the things to keep in mind before making the brand strategy?

The make your brand stand out the brand strategy is must to have thing. It makes your brand to achieve its goal through a long term plan and hard work. The basics, differentiators, issues and neutrals must be identified before making the brand strategy.


What are basics of a law firm? The key messages or slogan used by many of law firms in their advertising and promotional material are the basics of the brand. Do you know what clients expect from the brand? The integrity, pro bono and client services are the most important expectations of the clients from the law firm.


What makes the firm different form other firms? It is a unique feature, benefit or aspect that differentiates the law brand from others.


The neutrals don’t have positive nor negative impact on the brand’s strategy e.g. the tenure celebration of the law firm of 100 years in the market. But the tenure does not guarantee the success of law firm’s goal achievement.


Do you know the law firm faces some issues that cannot be addressed by the branding strategy, basically they are the challenges that the firm faces.   

A law firm brand has elements like a logo, office, ads (billboard or TV), intake process and most importantly a website with great functionality and updated design.

Do you know what element does branding strategy must have? When designing the branding strategy the brand must have its video to showcase on its own website, active social media channels, profiles on the other site like FindLaw, firm’s news coverage,more clients reviews, attorney profile bios and photos.

Build a strong law firm brand

Do you want to make your brand strong? Are you ready to face the challenges in the market?  If yes then what are you waiting for? Branding poses challenging decisions to marketers. Good brand’s positioning, brand’s name, brand’s development and sponsorship are the major brand strategy decisions.

How the law firm branding strategy works?

The law firm branding planning strategy has the following steps to follow:

  • Firstly consider the overall strategy of the business
  • Identify your goals
  • Identify your marketing geographical area
  • Identify the targeted audience
  • Research your targeted audience group
  • Develop the positioning of the brand
  • Create a logo, tagline and brand name
  • Set content marketing strategy
  • Construct the brand’s website

How the branding of you law firm branding can be differentiated from other firms?

When you are doing marketing of the law firm various factors can make the firm look different from the other firms. You can make your law firm look different from the other law firm by providing your client with quality, reliability and convenience. Make a creative strategy and a eye cheering slogan that attaches clients with your brand emotionally.

Following factors makes your firm unique.

  • Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Emotions

Pros and cons of Branding:

Pros of branding:

  • It brings consistency in market place.
  • It increases customer loyalty.
  • Increase the profit and sales.
  • It makes your brand to be recognized easily by its clients.
  • It allows brand to charge higher prices.

Cons of branding:

  • Cost of branding is high
  • If quality not controlled your brand can get the bad name
  • Brand can get pigeonholes.
  • Brand can become common place.


The successful planning, hard work and clear strategy are the key factors in establishment of Law Firm Brand. To create consistent and central way to sketch the unique differentiation of your law firm, understand your firm’s client and the goals.

By the end of this article, you should have the understanding of designing while marketing the law firm brand and how it is based on its differentiation, positioning in the market and the core message.

Ask Us Anything (FAQ)

What Is Your Best Social Media Product?

Every case of the client is unique in its nature and clients don’t know that which lawyer they need for their case handling. A law firm is comprised of lawyers covering the various aspects of the law. So law firm will itself choose the right attorney (lawyer) for the clients.

How Can I Choose The Lawyer For My Need?

If clients ask for the lawyer to handle their case then our firm determines the lawyer for our clients itself for their case handling.

How Do You Inform Me About My Case Process?

We understand that the communication or negotiation between the client and the lawyer is very important. Your case is our responsibility. We will inform you about the non-productive and non-practical issues by telephone on weekly basis. Matters of legal nature will be discussed on long periods as they are stretchy and time taking.

What I’ll Get For The Lawyer’s Fee?

Our efficient and effective legal team will provide you the unpredictable knowledge, superior services, careful consideration and many other help and information regarding your case.

Can I Often Contact Your Team? What Information Do I Need To Provide Regarding My Case?

Yes sure, our team is always available to assist you regarding to any information or detail on any issue. Our team always tries to solve your issues but if you don’t get your answers then our team will arrange your meeting with your lawyer/attorney.

What Information Do I Need To Provide Regarding My Case?

If you need our assistance regarding to any case you will need to provide us the detailed document about your case, contact information and some other queries that we’ll ask you about.

How Do You Get Started With The Clients?

The best way to get started with clients is to setup the meeting and provide free consultation to them. 

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